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Because public toilets
are too big and too dirty
for your toddler.




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  Features and Benefits:

  • ZEETS™ strong surface has a kid-size opening, allowing a child to sit safely and comfortably on an adult-size toilet seat without being held.  It is the ONLY disposable product to have this!
  • ZEETS™ provide a clean seat-- the THICKEST disposable barrier against filth and germs on the market.
  • ZEETS™ are the ONLY disposable potty product with HANDLES, which makes kids feel more secure amd keeps them from touching dirty toilet surfaces.
  • ZEETS™ are lightweight and compact; they come individually wrapped-- convenient for on-the-go families, whether going to the soccer field, beach, camping, or traveling across the country or across town.
  • ZEETS™ will not shift or slide during use and are easy to put on, take off and dispose of without your having to touch any dirty surfaces.
  • ZEETS™ are fun! Each package comes with an imaginative story about the adventures of children and a magical "Zeet" left with them by a friendly space alien.
  • ZEETS™ are disposable-- leave germs behind!

ZEETS™ were developed by parents for parents...
...because public toilets are
too big and too dirty for your toddler (and ours).





Taking children to a public rest room can be a nightmare. Zeets™ can help! 






Why parents love Zeets™:

Zeets make rest room vists easier and less stressful for parents.

  • No more hovering your child over the seat, or holding them so they don't fall in. Save your back!
  • No more screaming "Don't touch anything!"




  • Maintain continuity by making all toilets comfortable and familiar.





ZEETS' kid-size seat makes public toilet use safer and more comfortable for your child.







Contact us at 1-866-Go Zeets (1-866-469-3387)

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