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Because public toilets
are too big and too dirty
for your toddler.




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Dear Zeets,

I want you to know how much I love your product.  In the past I have always tried to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper or use one of those paper liners.  Sometimes the toilet would be wet and the paper liners are useless.  With your product I can be certain that my child is not coming into contact with any residue that could be left on the toilet.  Your product is so sturdy that I can let both daughters use the same seat which is economical as well.  I no longer cringe when I have no choice but to use a public restroom.  THANK YOU!!!!  Keep up the good work!

Lori H.
Mother of three children










Penny W.






I LOVE THEM!  It is so easy to travel with [my daughter]… 

This week I told a very good friend about them and she is interested in them. To all the moms that are going through the potty training stage: I highly recommend this product; it makes the process a lot easier.

Thank you once more for the help!

Robbin K.


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I just ordered my second set of boxes and was so happy with this product!  I needed it for a vacation with my child and it worked great at the airport and at the hotel and everywhere we went that we needed to use the facilities.  We were at a transition from pull ups to underpants when we traveled and so it worked so well that my child could continue her great progress and is now done with pull ups.  Thanks for this great invention!  I have told all my friends that are parents about it and I know at least one has already purchased them for her children. 

Sincerely, Constance